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If you’re a fan of the Ferrari luxury sports cars then be the first to know; we took a peek into Ferrari’s itinerary and discovered that there is a beast they are working to unleash in 2019 – Anew drive train with a hybrid V8 engine.

The Ferrari car company has come a long way into the future, their road cars are a symbol of luxury, wealth, speed and quality, this Italian luxury sports car maker is based in Maranello and was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939. The first Ferrari car was manufactured in 1940, however, the world recognizes Ferrari as an auto-manufacturer in the year 1947 because they had completed their first Ferrari-badged car. The first racing car, the Ferrari 312T2 Formula one driven car was built in 1940 but did not have the popular Ferrari-badge. Since then, they have successfully added a long list of cars into their portfolio, few of them were road cars with the extremely stylish touch of the Ferrari brand, but Enzo Ferrari concentrated more on sports cars. They built a good number of sports cars and their first super car, the Ferrari 288GTO, in the year 1984 and the latest supercar, the Ferrari 488 Pista, was revealed at the International Motor show in March 2018. They have also manufactured some Bio-fuel and hybrid cars, the F430 Spider which runs on ethanol and the HY-KERS concept.

The Ferrari cars reel in billions of dollars yearly, ranks as one of the most expensive cars and are constant winners in motor sports. During the advent of the world sports car championship, they had won the title seven out of the first nine years of its emergence.

This latest drive train to be released next year is likely to be a plug-in and the prototypes are currently being tested. There are also rumours that the upcoming car will likely be more basic to the drive train than the V12 LaFerrari’s KERS hybrid tech. and its engine will have an ultra-performance. The project is greatly anticipated with bated breath in the automobile markets.

Americas Answer to the Luxury Sport Sedan.

Cadillac the leader in north american powerhouse luxury sedans a solid competitor that has a big enough interest to challenge the very best that Europe and Asia have to give you, purchasers within the luxury performance market should not need a lot more need to think about a new Cadillac ATS-V or Carpal tunnel syndrome-V. But to create its quickest models that rather more enticing, Cadillac is moving the new Very Whitened Frost models the thing is here.

On the any of the ATS models or V-power sedans the brand new Frost Edition models has some feature unique like the matte fresh paint. Additionally they get special bigger wheels and also the Carbon Fibre and Luxury packages are all a standard option. Other equipment like Recaro luxury bucket seats sueded trimmed control surfaces can also be found, among other available choices.

GM’s luxury car division is only going to make around a 100 of these models So if you wish to get hold of one, you might want to act really quick and take a visit to your GM dealer as they are the muts nuts of forced-induction raw american performance machines. We have heard that Prices are looknig to start around the 75k mark. For any full rundown from the equipment and anymore information header over to the GM website below and take a peak.

General Motors

Toyota releases pictures of the all new Prius.

Well we didn’t expect Toyota to be releasing the a new product lineup this early however, nonetheless her it is.. .meet the all new Prius. Boasting an amazing combined power output with the 1.7L engine this vehicle is bound to be a success in the automotive efficient class.  Bringing forward 150 hp, thats about 10% increase over the previous model.

Check out a couple of the spy pics that were released earlier this week, not much has changed in terms of appearance still the same old 4 door styling however the increase in power, torque as well as newer headlight are sure to be a hit with the public.

Stay tuned for more information and an official release at the up and coming motor show.

Characteristics of a Good Aftermarket Alloy Wheel

A professional driver knows the best wheels that keep him in the race for long. Alloy esr sr01 wheels have always been the best racing wheels of all times. So how can you tell the good characteristics of these wheels?
Weight of alloy esr wheel is mostly considered. This determines the speed and the fuel consumption of the vehicle. The wheel with less weight accelerates faster than a heavy wheel.
The strength of the esr sr04 wheel is also considered. It is important to understand that racing is an off-road activity and a wheel that can withstand a rough terrain is key.
Alloy is known to be one of the best heat emitters. The faster the vehicle moves, the more the heat it produces between the wheels. The breaking system can be affected by too much heat and that’s why it has to be emitted. This will keep you safe and reduce chances of the brakes failing.

About Shelley Rally

RALLYING: An Activity Unlike Any Other!

You will find no ovals, pace cars or rain delays. Rally racing features real cars racing from the clock on closed-off parts of real streets which are usually unpaved and unforgiving. Occasions lasts a few days and canopy 100s of miles through rain, snow, day or evening. This extreme test of skill, speed and endurance is the reason why rally racing the world’s premiere and many exciting motor sport, one that’s rapidly growing in The United States.


Associates as well as casual fans consider rally motorists is the best throughout motorists in the world. They have to master every road surface and each the weather while having the endurance and stamina needed to really make it through lengthy hrs and 100s of miles. As the word goes, “Circuit racers see 10 turns 1000 occasions while rally motorists see 1000 turns one time!Inches


The important thing to rally drivers’ success are their co-motorists. Rally motorists cannot practice the program and should depend on their own navigators (or co-driver) to outlive. The co-driver utilizes a computerized odometer together with a provided route book to speak towards the driver what is coming up next on the highway. The path book describes at length the street ahead and includes alerts for hazards for example coves, trees and junctions. Rally motorists figure out what speed and position to go in each turn or crest within the road by hearing their co-drivers’ constant instructions.


Gravel logging streets, mountain passes, well groomed forest streets – they are what from the tracks for rally motorists. They’re temporarily closed, actual public streets which rally motorists will go plain. With nine occasions held across the nation, the Rally America Championship has a mixture of from snow and ice in Michigan to very fast, smooth gravel in Pennsylvania. An average Rally America Championship event can last 2 days and have over 250 miles of streets separated into competitive stages and transit sections. The competitive stages, or “special stages” are in which the action lies they are timed sprints on streets that fluctuate from 5 to 30 miles long. The cheapest cumulative time wins.


A rally vehicle may be the ultimate real life sports vehicle: one that’s able to high-speed and incredible handling on any road surface as well as in every the weather. Fast yet strong, they have to survive hundred of miles and many times of torture. Being an additional challenge, all rally cars should be street legal, given that they must traverse public streets with traffic between your competitive timed sections. The Rally America Championship includes a selection of cars that average fans could purchase from their local sellers, including Subaru WRX STis, Mitsubishi Evos, Ford Focuses and Volkswagen Golfs!


Watching rally on television is really a spectacle, but seeing it personally is definitely an amazing experience. Fans reach line the street, mere ft in the sliding, jumping and gravel squirting action. Fans may also freely browse the service places that motorists as well as their teams repair the cars. Meeting your preferred driver and touching your preferred rally vehicle are guaranteed. Tickets? Most rally occasions are free of charge!

– See more at: http://world wide

Shelley Rally News

Bentham-based Shelley Rogerson completed her 2007 rally season last weekend (8th December) when she contested the Coppermines Grizedale Stages rally with David Wright.

The rally, which took place over 41 miles of forest tracks, started from Coniston with the crews heading to the north of Grizedale forest for the opening stage of the event. Wright and Rogerson, who were doing the event in a GPM-prepared Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9, completed the stage in third place overall and first in class, 25 seconds ahead of their nearest class competitor.

Heavy rain made stage 2, in the south of Grizedale forest, very slippery but the Evo crew had a trouble free run, maintaining their third place and extending their class lead to 42 seconds.

The rain had turned to snow as the crews tacked the shorter stages 3 and 4, the forest tracks becoming treacherous in places but Wright and Rogerson kept the Evo on the road to return to service still in third place overall and first in class.

Stage 5 was a repeat of stage 1 although snow and a cut-up road surface meant that the times were much slower second time around. Wright and Rogerson had a troublefree run through the stage but the times showed the crew who were second in class were almost a minute faster so Wright and Rogerson headed into the last stage in fourth overall and second in class.

Despite beating the world rally car of event winner David Bogie on the last stage Wright and Rogerson were passed on the overall leaderboard by Steve Petch in his Hyundai Accent WRC, ending the event in fifth place and second in class.

“I’m pleased we got a finish but it’s disappointing that we didn’t make it into the top 3. We had a troublefree run with no car problems at all so we’re a bit confused how we lost nearly a minute to our nearest class rival in stage 5! However, it’s been a great year for me, I’ve finished all the events I’ve done and I’ve been in the top 5 on every event which I’m delighted with,” said Shelley. “I’d like to thank Co-ordSport, Legend Fires, Nicky Grist Motorsports and Songasport for their support this year and I hope 2008 will be as successful and enjoyable as 2007 has been.”

Shelley is now planning her programme for 2008 and is hoping to contest the ANCRO championship together with selected BTRDA rounds. A couple of Irish Tarmac Championship rounds are also a possibility if sufficient funding can be found.

Please visit to keep up to date with Shelley’s rallying.

03.12.07: Season’s End for Shelley

Rally co-driver Shelley Rogerson, 22, will end her 2007 season next weekend (8th December) when she contests the Coppermines Grizedale Stages Rally.

Shelley will be contesting the event with David Wright in a GPM prepared Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9. Wright and Rogerson previously contested the Grizedale Stages in 2004 and 2005, taking 5th and 6th places respectively.

The rally, which is based in Coniston, consists of 41 miles on the tricky gravel tracks of Grizedale forest with two service halts just outside Coniston village. Over 100 crews have entered the rally with Wright and Rogerson starting at car 6, the first of the “showroom spec” Group N entries.

“The Grizedale Stages is a great way to end what has been a brilliant year for me,” said Shelley. “It’s a local event for me and I’m hoping for a good result, although with five World Rally Cars in front of us it’s going to be tough to get on the podium.”

Shelley recently spent time at the Wales Rally GB, Britain’s round of the world rally championship, to get some experience of the top level of rallying.

“My ultimate aim is to contest the world championship so spending time in the service areas and seeing the teams at work gave me a good insight into the demands of competing at the highest level of the sport.”

Shelley would like to thank Co-ordSport, Legend Fires, Nicky Grist Motorsports and Songasport for their support.

17.11.07: Successful ’07 for Shelley

Bentham-based rally co-driver Shelley Rogerson has enjoyed a highly successful 2007 season which has seen her compete in seven national events. Shelley, who works as a supply chain co-ordinator, achieved a brilliant three overall victories in the seven events.

Shelley’s rally year kicked off with March’s Malcolm Wilson rally in the Lake District. She contested the event with Dave Wright in a “showroom spec” Mitsubishi Lancer which was borrowed from the GPM motorsport preparation business, Wright having sold his own rally car. Despite having never competed in the Lancer before and not doing any testing the duo took an excellent 5th overall.

“We had hoped to hire a top specification World Rally Car for the event but unfortunately the cost was too much,” said Shelley. “Dave had been doing some work for GPM on the Lancer and Giles Phillips who owns the car kindly agreed to let us use it on the event. We were delighted to get 5 th overall considering we were up against much more powerful and expensive opposition.”

Shelley’s next event was the Red Dragon rally in May which took place in the forests of South Wales. She was asked to contest the event by Hereford’s Andrew Burton with whom she contested two events in 2006. Burton was once again using his amazing self-built Peugeot Cosworth, which is one of the most popular and well known cars in UK rallying. Despite a few minor problems with the car Burton and Rogerson claimed second overall.

Staying in Wales, Shelley once again competed with Burton on the Severn Valley Stages, a rally which used some of the same tracks as Britain’s World Rally Championship round. Despite taking the lead early on brake troubles meant the Peugeot crew went into the final stage of the event in second place. However, a stunning time saw them overhaul leader Marcus Dodd to emerge victorious.

“The Severn Valley had a very tense finish, it was a brilliant battle which we were thrilled to win. Andrew drove brilliantly all through the event, we set some very quick times, especially on the last stage when we managed to regain the lead.”

Shelley’s run of success continued on July’s Quinton Stages with another victory with Andrew Burton, the crew finishing the event over a minute ahead of their nearest rivals.

“The Quinton was a perfect event for us, the car ran faultlessly,” commented Shelley. “The stages were excellent – we managed to average 65mph on one of them!”

Following their success Burton asked Shelley to compete on the Swansea Bay rally which was also in July. Severe brake problems on the car meant that the crew were not able to make it a hat-trick of victories, instead finishing in a relatively disappointing 4 th place.

Two more events followed for Shelley in Burton’s Peugeot, the Welshpool-based Plains rally and the Oswestry-based Bulldog rally.

The Plains rally proved to be another close event, Burton and Rogerson finishing only six seconds behind the Subaru Impreza WRC of Jon Ingram. In what is likely to be her final event of 2007 Shelley then took another overall victory with Burton on the Bulldog rally in October.

“The Bulldog win was particularly satisfying as Andrew has been trying to win the event for 15 years! It was great to help him finally achieve a victory,” said Shelley. “There is a small chance that I do December’s Grizedale Stages but if not then the Bulldog victory was a brilliant way to end a brilliant year – I even managed to get on the television report spraying champagne!”

Shelley is now assessing her options for 2008. A seat in the national MSA Gravel Rally Championship is a possibility and she is also hoping to contest some rounds of the British Rally Championship as she continues on the path to the World Rally Championship. As ever though, it all depends on money!

“I’ve been lucky to have backing from Co-ordSport, Legend Fires, C.E.R.L., Nicky Grist, LAD Motorsport and Songasport this year and I am hoping to obtain additional support for 2008 which will let me continue to develop my rally career and hopefully achieve more victories,” Shelley said. “If any local businesses would like to support me I’d be very grateful if they could contact me at I’d like to thank all my sponsors and also the Lancaster Guardian and Morecambe Visitor for their support.”

Let’s hope that 2008 sees the former Morecambe High School student take another step on the road to world championship glory!

21.10.07: Brilliant Bulldog Victory for Shelley

Bentham-based co-driver Shelley Rogerson, 22, took a brilliant victory on last Saturday’s Bulldog Rally when she partnered Andrew Burton in his Peugeot Cosworth to a win by 19 seconds after 65 miles of testing forest roads.

A cold but sunny morning saw Burton and Rogerson leave the start of the Oswestry-based event for the opening 9 mile stage in Dyfnant forest. The crew were a disappointing 7th fastest on the stage, 22 seconds behind rally leader Steve Perez in his Ford Focus WRC.

“The car was suffering from an intermittent power steering problem on the first stage which meant that we couldn’t take the corners at our usual speed” said Shelley. “We tried to make up time on the straights but we couldn’t match the leading crews.”

The event moved on to the gravel tracks of Dyfi forest for the second stage, Burton and Rogerson set a time 5 seconds quicker than anyone else to jump up to second overall behind the Hyundai Accent WRC of Marcus Dodd as the crews headed for the first service halt of the event.

With another fastest time on the third stage, Pantperthog, Burton and Rogerson took the lead of the event, although this lead was only 0.1 seconds so the scene was set for a tense battle over the remaining three stages of the event.

Stage 4 was a re-run of the 14 mile Dyfi stage and the Peugeot crew pushed hard to extend their lead. Unfortunately Dodd suffered an accident in Dyfi, with his Hyundai unable to continue after going off the road. With their nearest rival out of the event Burton and Rogerson were now 39 seconds in front of Steve Perez with Jon Ingram’s Subaru Impreza WRC in third place.

The final two stages, 21 miles in Gartheiniog and Dyfnant forest, saw Burton and Rogerson drop the pace slightly, taking 3rd and 2nd fastest times respectively and at the rally finish in Oswestry their victory margin was 19 seconds over Perez.

“We were disappointed that Marcus had his accident, it was looking like we were going to have a good battle to the finish,” Shelley said. “ I’m delighted with the win, it’s the third victory for Andrew and myself this year. This one is extra special as Andrew previously had a disappointing record on the rally so it’s great that he got the win.

“I’d like to thank Andrew for asking me to co-drive for him again and my sponsors, Co-ordSport, C.E.R.L., Legend Fires, Nicky Grist and Songasport, for their support which has enabled me to sit with Andrew this year.”

Shelley’s next event has not yet been confirmed but she hopes to be out again before the end of the year.

14.10.07: Shelley set for Bulldog battle

Rally co-driver Shelley Rogerson will return to competition next weekend when she contests the Oswestry-based Bulldog rally. Shelley, 22, is once again partnering Hereford’s Andrew Burton in his Peugeot Cosworth.

On their last event together, September’s Plains rally, Burton and Rogerson finished in second place, six seconds behind the Subaru Impreza WRC of Jon Ingram. With Ingram also entered on the Bulldog the target for the Peugeot Cosworth crew is to go one better than their Plains result. However, as well as Ingram the top of the entry list also features Marcus Dodd and Steve Perez, both of whom have had close battles with Burton and Rogerson in 2007.

“It is likely to be extremely close, the cars and crews are so evenly matched that every second is vital. It should be a great battle for the spectators to watch and I’m hopeful that we will get a good result, ideally a victory of course!” said Shelley.

“The rally uses some of the same forests as the Plains rally so we know we’ve got the pace, if we have a trouble-free run then we should be near the top of the leaderboard. I’d like to thank Co-ordSport, C.E.R.L., Legend Fires, Nicky Grist and Songasport for their support.”

Bentham-based Shelley will be contesting the event for the second time, having taken victory in Group N with Julian Reynolds on last years event. Burton has contested the event several times with a best result of third overall in 2003.

The Bulldog rally is the final round of the 2007 MSA National Gravel championship and it will be contested over 65 miles of gravel tracks in Dyfi, Gartheiniog, Pantperthog and Dyfnant forests.

23.09.07: Shelley sails to Plains podium

Bentham based co-driver Shelley Rogerson continued her successful 2007 rally season last Saturday (22nd September) when she took a fine second place on the SJR Motorsport backed Plains rally.

Shelley, 22, was partnering Hereford’s Andrew Burton in his homebuilt Peugeot Cosworth for the fifth time this year, their previous outings including two overall victories on the Severn Valley rally and Quinton Stages. Having won the Plains rally in 2005 with Geoff Jones hopes were high that Shelley could achieve a repeat victory, although a quality entry list ensured that this would be difficult.

The rally, which was based in Welshpool, kicked off with a short “super special” stage using the land of local timber merchant Mick Jones. Burton and Rogerson arrived at the end of the twisty and slippery stage in 6th place.

The crews then headed to the mid-Wales forests, the forestry track action starting with the 6 mile Pantperthog stage which saw the Peugeot crew set the fastest time, four seconds ahead of the Subaru Impreza WRC of Jon Ingram, which was enough to take them into second place overall behind Stuart Jones in his Mitsubishi Evo 9.

Three further stages in and around Dyfi forest were held prior to a service halt in Dolgellau with Burton and Rogerson emerging from the woods in joint second place with Jones, the rally lead having been taken by Ingram.

“We found the first stage quite slippery but we were pleased with our time in Pantperthog,” said Shelley. “The car was suffering from overheating brakes on the longer stages but other than that we had a clean run to service.”

Following service the crews contested three more stages. The times at the top of the leaderboard were very close but, despite setting another fastest time in the Dyfi stage, Burton and Rogerson arrived at the rally finish in Welshpool in second place, only six seconds behind Ingram.

“It was disappointing to lose out by such narrow margin, I enjoyed the stages though and Andrew drove brilliantly. I’d like to thank Co-ordSport, Legend Fires, C.E.R.L., LAD Motorsport, Nicky Grist and Songasport for their support.”

Shelley’s next event is likely to be the Bulldog rally in October where she will once again partner Burton in the Peugeot Cosworth.

17.09.07: Shelley targets second Plains victory

Bentham-based co-driver Shelley Rogerson, 22, will return to the rally stages next weekend when she contests the Plains rally.

Shelley will once again be partnering Hereford’s Andrew Burton in his homebuilt Peugeot Cosworth, the pairing having already achieved success in 2007 with victories on the Quinton Stages and Severn Valley rallies.

The Plains rally is the part of the British Trials and Rally Drivers’ Association (BTRDA) championship and is based in Welshpool. The event will be fought over 45 miles of testing stages, largely using the forest tracks of mid-Wales.

Shelley previously contested the event in 2005 when she took victory with Welshman Geoff Jones in a Subaru Impreza and she is hoping to repeat the victory this year, although there is tough competition with several World Rally Cars on the entry list.

“It would be great to get another win on the Plains, it’s an event I really enjoy with classic Welsh stages such as Dyfi and Gartheiniog,” said Shelley.

“Andrew recently won the Woodpecker rally so both car and driver are on top form! However, there are some fast cars and crews competing with us so I am expecting a very close result. I’d like to thank Co-ordSport, C.E.R.L., Legend Fires, LAD Motorsport and Songasport for their support.”

Shelley is also planning to contest the Bulldog Rally in October with Burton.

23.07.07: Fourth for Shelley in Swansea

Rally co-driver Shelley Rogerson, 21, continued her good run of results in 2007 last weekend when she partnered Hereford’s Andrew Burton to fourth place on the Swansea Bay rally.

The rally, which was round 5 of the MSA Gravel Rally Championship, consisted of five stages in the forests of the Vale of Neath. Burton and Rogerson faced a tough battle to add to their two recent victories with the World Rally Cars of Marcus Dodd, Steve Perez and Roger Duckworth on the entry list.

Burton and Rogerson made a good start to the event on the opening Margam stage, their Peugeot Cosworth setting third fastest time overall. The pace increased on stages 2 and 3 in Rhondda and Resolven forests with Burton and Rogerson setting the fastest time on both stages, moving into second place overall behind the Hyundai of Dodd.

Stage 4 saw the Peugeot Cosworth lose second gear and Burton and Rogerson dropped time to both Dodd and Perez, moving them back to third place. The final stage of the event, a second run in Margam, saw Burton and Rogerson severely hampered as the car had no brakes for most of the stage. The resulting 19th fastest time dropped the crew behind Roger Duckworth into fourth place.

“I’m disappointed that we didn’t get a third consecutive victory following our recent wins on the Severn Valley and Quinton Stages rallies but fourth is ok given the car problems we had,” said Shelley. “I’d like to thank Andrew for asking me to co-drive and Legend Fires, Co-ordSport and C.E.R.L. for their support.”

Shelley is hoping to contest further events in the Peugeot Cosworth later in the year.

15.07.07: Shelley seeks success in Swansea

Rally co-driver Shelley Rogerson, 21, will be aiming for further success when she contents the Swansea Bay National Rally next Saturday (21st July) with Hereford’s Andrew Burton.

It will be the fourth rally that Bentham based Shelley has contested this year in Burton’s famous Peugeot Cosworth and so far the pairing have achieved two victories and a second place, their most recent success coming on the Quinton Stages rally earlier in July.

The Swansea Bay National Rally is a round of the ANCRO Gravel Championship and Burton and Rogerson will be up against the leading championship contenders in the fight for overall honours, including Marcus Dodd and Steve Perez in their World Rally Cars. The top of the leaderboard is expected to be as close as that of the last ANCRO round, the Severn Valley Rally, when Burton and Rogerson took victory by 4.5 seconds from the Hyundai of Dodd.

“I’m looking forward to a good battle on Saturday, the rally has attracted a quality entry and it’s going to be tough to repeat our recent victories but you can guarantee we will be pushing hard,” said Shelley. “The South Wales stages are very testing but they should suit the Peugeot Cosworth, hopefully we can continue our run of success.”

The rally gets underway from Swansea on Saturday morning with the crews facing 65 miles of stages in the forests of the Vale of Neath.

Shelley would like to thanks C.E.R.L., Co-ordSport, Legend Fires and Songasport for their support.

09.07.07: Shelley takes victory on Quinton Stages rally

Bentham’s Shelley Rogerson took her second victory of 2007 last weekend when she partnered Andrew Burton to a dominant win on the Quinton Stages rally.

The rally, which was based in Llandovery, kicked off with the 6 mile Halfway stage and Burton and Rogerson immediately topped the timesheets, setting a time 10 seconds faster than second placed Shaun Gardener in his Mitsubishi Evo. The 5 miles of the well known Route 60 stage followed, the Peugeot Cosworth crew pulling out a further 9 seconds over Gardener as they averaged an amazing 65mph over the narrow gravel tracks.

Following a service halt the crews headed to Crychan and Caeo forests, followed by a second run of the Halfway stage. Burton and Rogerson set the fastest time on each of the three stages and managed to beat their already fast first Halfway time by 3 seconds even though the tracks were much rougher the second time around.

With Gardener’s Evo suffering a broken wishbone in stage 4 Damian Cole was now in second place in his Hyundai Accent WRC, 56 seconds behind as the crews returned to the service area.

Although they had a substantial lead Burton and Rogerson kept pushing in the last two stages, a re-run of the Crychan stage and the first Route 60 stage reversed, gaining a further 22 seconds over Cole to give them victory by a minute and 18 seconds, with the Subaru Impreza of Will Nicholls in third place.

“It was a perfect day, the car ran faultlessly and the stages were great. Andrew drove brilliantly and I’m delighted that we managed to set the fastest time on all of the stages. I’d like to thank my sponsors Co-ordSport, Legend Fires, C.E.R.L. and LAD Motorsport for their support which helped my contest the event and take another victory and also Andrew for asking me to co-drive for him again”.

At the moment Shelley’s next event has not been confirmed but she hopes to contest further ANCRO and BTRDA rounds.

02.07.07: Shelley targets top of leaderboard on Quinton Stages rally

Bentham based co-driver Shelley Rogerson will be aiming for another top result next Saturday (7th July) when she contests the Quinton Stages Forest Rally.

Shelley, 21, will be partnering Hereford’s Andrew Burton in his Peugeot Cosworth and the pairing are hoping for a repeat of their last outing together when they won the Severn Valley Stages in June. However, competition will be tough with numerous World Rally Cars on the entry list including those of Steve Perez and Barry Johnson.

Following her success on the Severn Valley Stages and Red Dragon Rally this year LAD Motorsport of Morecambe have joined Legend Fires, C.E.R.L. and Co-ordSport in supporting Shelley’s rallying.

“I am delighted that LAD Motorsport have agreed to back me, it’s great that a Morecambe company is supporting a Morecambe girl!” said Shelley . “It’s my third event with Andrew this year and we’ve already got a second place and a victory so we are hoping to be at the top of the leaderboard again. The Quinton uses similar stages to the Severn Valley rally so we should be very competitive.”

The Quinton Stages is the 7th round of the BTRDA rally championship and it is based in Llandovery. The event will take place over 43.5 miles of forest tracks in Mid-Wales, including stages used on the Wales Rally GB world championship event.

03.06.07: Severn Valley victory for Shelley

Co-driver Shelley Rogerson enjoyed success on the Severn Valley rally last Saturday (2nd June) when she partnered Andrew Burton to a brilliant victory in Burton’s Peugeot Cosworth.

The rally started from a sunny Builth Wells as the crews headed for the opening test, 10.5 miles in Crychan forest. Burton and Bentham based Rogerson set a blistering pace, stopping the clocks 6 seconds ahead of their nearest rival Marcus Dodd in his Hyundai Accent World Rally Car. A shorter test in Cefn forest followed with the Peugeot Cosworth crew once again setting fastest time to take a 6.5 second lead into the first service halt of the event.

A tough and testing stage in Radnor was next up, at 17 miles it was the longest of the event. Burton and Rogerson averaged over 65mph over the stage, extending their lead over Dodd to 20 seconds with Steve Perez in his Ford Focus World Rally Car in 3rd.

“I think Radnor was the best stage I have ever done on a rally, the speed was incredible, we were flat out for the full 17 miles.” said Shelley.

The early afternoon stages saw the Peugeot Cosworth suffer a series of brake problems which led to Burton and Rogerson losing time to their nearest rivals, with Dodd emerging from the Route 60 stage on the Epynt army ranges in the lead. With only the 12 miles of the final Crychan stage to go the Cosworth crew faced a tough battle to regain their lead but they pulled out all the stops to beat Dodd and take victory by 4.5 seconds.

“It’s amazing to take the victory and to go one better than our second place on the Red Dragon rally two weeks ago. Andrew drove brilliantly and the car was fantastic. It was a long tough day, especially with the heat, but the result has made our efforts worthwhile.” commented Shelley.

Burton and Rogerson are hoping to contest the Dukeries rally in two weeks time.

Shelley would like to thank Co-ordSport, Legend Fires and C.E.R.L. and Songasport for their support.

29.05.07: Severn next up for Shelley

Co-driver Shelley Rogerson, 21, will be out on the rally stages once again next weekend (2nd June) when she contests the Severn Valley rally.

Shelley, from Bentham, will be partnering Andrew Burton in his Peugeot Cosworth and the duo will be looking to build on their excellent second place on the recent Red Dragon rally. They were beaten by 14 seconds on the Red Dragon by Marcus Dodd in his Hyundai Accent world rally car and with Dodd also entered on the Severn Valley rally another close battle is likely. There is also tough competition from the likes of Roger Duckworth and Julian Reynolds.

“It’s the first time I have competed on the Severn Valley rally so it will be a big challenge for me but I am confident we will get a good result. It would be great to go one better than our second place on the Red Dragon rally. I am delighted that Andrew has again asked me to co-drive in the amazing Peugeot Cosworth.” said Shelley.

The Severn Valley rally is a round of the ANCRO MSA Gravel Championship and it is based in Builth Wells. The event consists of 7 forest stages in and around the Epynt military ranges, including some of the roads used by the world championship Wales Rally GB. The leading crews arrive back in Builth Wells from 4pm on Saturday.

Shelley would like to thank Co-ordSport, Legend Fires, C.E.R.L. and Songasport for their support.

20.05.07: Second for Shelley in Swansea

Co-driver Shelley Rogerson, 21, took a fine second place on the Swansea based Red Dragon Rally last Saturday (12th May) which she contested with Andrew Burton in his Peugeot Cosworth.

The rally, which was the fifth round of the BTRDA championship, took place in the forests of the Neath valley. The opening stage was a 5 miler in Rheola forest, Burton and Rogerson setting 4th fastest time, six seconds down on rally leader Marcus Dodd. Despite problems with the power steering the crew set second fastest time on the next stage, Walters, arriving at the first service halt in second place overall.

Two stages on the south side of the Neath valley followed with Burton and Rogerson maintaining their second place, although a puncture cost some time in stage 4. Going into the final two stages the Peugeot crew were 22 seconds behind Dodd’s Hyundai Accent WRC.

Stage five, the longest of the rally at 11 miles, saw Burton hurling the car through the twisty forest tracks to take the fastest time by 5 seconds. The push continued in the final stage with another fastest stage time, but with Dodd taking second on the stage he arrived at the finish 14 seconds ahead of Burton and Rogerson.

“I enjoyed the rally, it took me a little bit of time to adapt to Andrew’s unique pacenote style and to get used to competing again. I’ve been ill recently and this was only my second event since last October so I am delighted to get a good finish. I’d like to thank Andrew for asking me to co-drive and CERL, Co-ordSport, Legend Fires and Songasport for their support.”

Following their Red Dragon success Burton and Rogerson are planning to contest the next round of the BTRDA championship, the Sherwood forest based Dukeries rally in June.

14.05.07: Shelley set for South Wales challenge

Bentham-based Shelley Rogerson, 21, will take part in her second event of 2007 when she contests the Red Dragon Rally next Saturday (19th May) with Hereford’s Andrew Burton. The pairing will be using Burton’s famous Peugeot 306 Cosworth and will be hoping to repeat the result they achieved on their last outing together when they won the 2006 Somerset Stages, although they will face tough competition with several “World Rally” specification cars on the entry including the Ford Focus of Dave Weston and the Hyundai Accent of Marcus Dodd.

Shelley’s only other event this year was the Malcolm Wilson Rally in March where she finished an excellent 5th overall and 2nd in the “showroom” Group N class with Dave Wright.

“It’s great to be competing again, I’m very grateful to Andrew for asking me to co-drive. I love the stages that the Red Dragon Rally uses and I’m sure we will be very competitive.”

The event, which is the fifth round of the BTRDA Rally Championship, takes place in the Neath valley in South Wales and uses some of the same stages as the world championship Wales Rally GB event. The crews will depart from the Swansea Rally Centre on Saturday morning, heading for the Rheola, Walter’s Arena and Resolven stages. Those who complete the 45 testing stage miles will cross the finish line at Walter’s Arena on Saturday afternoon.

Burton and Rogerson are also hoping to contest the Dukeries Rally in June.

05.03.07: Shelley nets top 5 finish on rally return

Shelley Rogerson returned to competition on last weekends Malcolm Wilson Rally, netting a fine 5th place overall and 2nd in class on the Cumbrian event.

Bentham based Shelley, 21, was co-driving on the event with David Wright in a GPM prepared Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9. Despite not having driven the car prior to the rally Wright and Rogerson were immediately on the pace, setting 6th fastest time on the opening Greystoke stage. Following a service halt at Penrith the rally moved on to the classic Grizedale forest stages. The crew suffered a couple of offs in Grizedale but were still near the top of the leaderboard, emerging from the two stages in 5th place overall.

A second run of the Greystoke stage followed by a trio of stages around Bassenthwaite saw Wright and Rogerson maintain their 5th overall position, their rally concluding with an excellent 4th fastest time on the final Wythop stage, helped by clocking 130mph on the “big dipper” long straight.

After not competing since last October Shelley was delighted with the result, “The event was brilliant, it was great to be out competing again. It took a while to get used to the car having had no time to test it before the event but we were very pleased with our stage times, especially the last stage where we were only beaten by three World Rally cars. I’d like to thank Giles Phillips for letting us use his car, it ran faultlessly and performed well. I would also like to thank my sponsors Co-ordSport, C.E.R.L. and Legend Fires” said Shelley.

Shelley has no definite plans for the remainder of 2007 but is hoping that a seat can found for the British Rally Championship which starts in April.

27.02.07: Shelley set for Lakes season opener

Bentham based co-driver Shelley Rogerson, 21, will contest her first event of 2007 when she competes in the Malcolm Wilson Rally next weekend (March 3rd).

Rogerson will be partnering David Wright on the event, the first outing for the duo since last years Rally Isle of Man. They will be using a Giles Phillips prepared Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 to tackle the testing Cumbrian rally stages.

“I’m really pleased to be competing again, it is four months since I did the Bulldog Rally with Julian Reynolds and I can’t wait for the rally to start. The Malcolm Wilson Rally is my local BTRDA event and it’s one I enjoy very much. I am hoping we can repeat the pace we showed last year before we retired” said Shelley.

The rally starts in the Lake District town of Cockermouth and uses Greystoke, Grizedale, Wythop and Whinlatter forests. Wright and Rogerson will face tough competition on the event, with several “World Rally Cars” on the entry list, including that of Norwegian world rally championship competitor Andreas Mikkelson.

Shelley has no definite plans for the rest of 2007 as yet, although another event in the famous Peugeot Cosworth of Andrew Burton is likely.

“Following our win on last years Somerset Stages Andrew is keen that we do another event, I am hoping something definite will be confirmed soon. I am also hoping to contest some British Rally Championship events” commented Shelley.

Shelley would like to thank her sponsors Co-ordSport, Legend Fires and C.E.R.L.

Toyota To Compete With Green Power

Toyota will return around the world Championship in 2017 having a Yaris-based World Rally Vehicle however the Japanese manufacturer is within Trier to showcase its latest emission-free production vehicle, the Mirai, which continues purchase in america, United kingdom, Denmark and Germany later this season.

The vehicle has been driven by its Japanese owner Mitsuhiro Kunisawa, a journalist and experienced rally driver, and it has been modified only slightly because of its competitive debut with special brake pads, competition tyres along with a roll cage. The 113 kW fuel cell powertrain remains unchanged and speeds up the vehicle from to 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds.

The Mirai’s chief engineeer, Yoshikazu Tanaka, is within Trier to supervise the work. “It is our dream that certain day our fuel cell automobiles will have the ability to compete in WRC. Therefore, we continuously develop fraxel treatments with great ambition,” he stated. “Visitors in the Rallye Deutschland will need to get accustomed to this quiet premiere at Trier, but they’ll experience the skill of a nearly pollution-free future.”

Released in Japan in December 2014, the Mirai is driven by hydrogen, saved aboard within an ultra strong plastic and graphite tank. The hydrogen is combined with oxygen inside a fuel cell stack to produce electricity which forces an auto driving the leading wheels. The only real by-product of making electricity in by doing this is water, which leaves with the tailpipe.

Germany is around the Corner! Are we ready?

The tank training area at Baumholder is well-liked by fans, but strikes fear in to the hearts of rivals who must deal with streets different from ultra-smooth asphalt to cobbles and damaged concrete.

However the most daunting aspect may be the infamous hinkelsteins, concrete kerbstones lining the tracks that mix the military ranges. Made to keep tanks around the streets, rally cars appear the second best when they tangle with them….

The Two.87km Arena Panzerplatte sprint, which demonstrated a success with fans on its introduction this past year, is going to be driven back-to-back on ‘life was imple’. It will likely be adopted immediately with a 45.61km stage since the full breadth of Baumholder. Rivals will repeat both tests within the mid-day and can tackle the sprint only once.

Round nine from the FIA World Rally Championship relies in Trier, which hosts Thursday night’s start. It features 21 stages covering 374.43km within the narrow Mosel wineries, the Eifel hillsides, Saarland country streets and Baumholder. All of the territory is familiar from previous years, with subtle changes to help keep deck hands alert.

Bryan Bouffier lost his fight having a hinkelstein in 2014

Friday begins at Sauertal close to the Luxembourg border, which is utilized in overturn direction to 2014, prior to the Waxweiler stage around the Eifel slopes. Two tests within the fast wineries complete the loop, prior to four are repeated within the mid-day.

Saturday brings a mixture of everything ADAC Rallye Deutschland offers. A visit with the wineries and Saarland country streets near St Wendel are combined with Panzerplatte, and all sorts of are repeated within the mid-day.

The ultimate leg near to Trier comprises two identical looped two tests. It finishes using the Dhrontal live TV Energy Stage within the wineries, that provides bonuses towards the quickest three motorists and luxurious sights for fans in the Gallery Dhron section.