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If you’re a fan of the Ferrari luxury sports cars then be the first to know; we took a peek into Ferrari’s itinerary and discovered that there is a beast they are working to unleash in 2019 – Anew drive train with a hybrid V8 engine.

The Ferrari car company has come a long way into the future, their road cars are a symbol of luxury, wealth, speed and quality, this Italian luxury sports car maker is based in Maranello and was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939. The first Ferrari car was manufactured in 1940, however, the world recognizes Ferrari as an auto-manufacturer in the year 1947 because they had completed their first Ferrari-badged car. The first racing car, the Ferrari 312T2 Formula one driven car was built in 1940 but did not have the popular Ferrari-badge. Since then, they have successfully added a long list of cars into their portfolio, few of them were road cars with the extremely stylish touch of the Ferrari brand, but Enzo Ferrari concentrated more on sports cars. They built a good number of sports cars and their first super car, the Ferrari 288GTO, in the year 1984 and the latest supercar, the Ferrari 488 Pista, was revealed at the International Motor show in March 2018. They have also manufactured some Bio-fuel and hybrid cars, the F430 Spider which runs on ethanol and the HY-KERS concept.

The Ferrari cars reel in billions of dollars yearly, ranks as one of the most expensive cars and are constant winners in motor sports. During the advent of the world sports car championship, they had won the title seven out of the first nine years of its emergence.

This latest drive train to be released next year is likely to be a plug-in and the prototypes are currently being tested. There are also rumours that the upcoming car will likely be more basic to the drive train than the V12 LaFerrari’s KERS hybrid tech. and its engine will have an ultra-performance. The project is greatly anticipated with bated breath in the automobile markets.

Americas Answer to the Luxury Sport Sedan.

Cadillac the leader in north american powerhouse luxury sedans a solid competitor that has a big enough interest to challenge the very best that Europe and Asia have to give you, purchasers within the luxury performance market should not need a lot more need to think about a new Cadillac ATS-V or Carpal tunnel syndrome-V. But to create its quickest models that rather more enticing, Cadillac is moving the new Very Whitened Frost models the thing is here.

On the any of the ATS models or V-power sedans the brand new Frost Edition models has some feature unique like the matte fresh paint. Additionally they get special bigger wheels and also the Carbon Fibre and Luxury packages are all a standard option. Other equipment like Recaro luxury bucket seats sueded trimmed control surfaces can also be found, among other available choices.

GM’s luxury car division is only going to make around a 100 of these models So if you wish to get hold of one, you might want to act really quick and take a visit to your GM dealer as they are the muts nuts of forced-induction raw american performance machines. We have heard that Prices are looknig to start around the 75k mark. For any full rundown from the equipment and anymore information header over to the GM website below and take a peak.

General Motors

Toyota releases pictures of the all new Prius.

Well we didn’t expect Toyota to be releasing the a new product lineup this early however, nonetheless her it is.. .meet the all new Prius. Boasting an amazing combined power output with the 1.7L engine this vehicle is bound to be a success in the automotive efficient class.  Bringing forward 150 hp, thats about 10% increase over the previous model.

Check out a couple of the spy pics that were released earlier this week, not much has changed in terms of appearance still the same old 4 door styling however the increase in power, torque as well as newer headlight are sure to be a hit with the public.

Stay tuned for more information and an official release at the up and coming motor show.

Characteristics of a Good Aftermarket Alloy Wheel

A professional driver knows the best wheels that keep him in the race for long. Alloy esr sr01 wheels have always been the best racing wheels of all times. So how can you tell the good characteristics of these wheels?
Weight of alloy esr wheel is mostly considered. This determines the speed and the fuel consumption of the vehicle. The wheel with less weight accelerates faster than a heavy wheel.
The strength of the esr sr04 wheel is also considered. It is important to understand that racing is an off-road activity and a wheel that can withstand a rough terrain is key.
Alloy is known to be one of the best heat emitters. The faster the vehicle moves, the more the heat it produces between the wheels. The breaking system can be affected by too much heat and that’s why it has to be emitted. This will keep you safe and reduce chances of the brakes failing.

The Importance of Quality Alloy Rims

Just like any other part of the car, esr wheels are also very important accessories that need to be taken care of. When cleaning alloy racing wheels, it is important to understand that the material that makes up racing wheels is not the same as that which makes ordinary esr wheels for sale. You will need the following.
• A brush that has feathered bristles- A hard brush will leave the rim with scratches all over• An absorbent sponge to absorb dust particles• A special washing detergent and a bucket of water or a hosepipe
Use the hose pipe to run water all over the wheel to clean much of the dust and loosen any sticky dirt. Dip the sponge into the soapy water and run it over the esr wheels for sale to remove the sticky dirt. The brush will help you remove the most stubborn dirt. Repeat this process on all the esr wheels.
You then need to rinse off the dirty water and leave the esr wheels to dry and preferably under the shade and not directly in the sun

Coilovers Explained In detail

When it comes down to racing suspension there really is only one choice and it’s not air or springs, I am of course referring to the humble bc racing coilovers. Deceptively simple in terms of design, an average racing bc coilovers consists of high performance shock and an overlaid spring which sits on the outside. Whilst on the outside it may not look like much, the quality of the bc racing coilovers canada combined with the adjustability built into the central shock allow an unprecedented level of customization that ultimately will improve the all-round handling of the vehicle.
There are many factors to consider when choosing the setup and specification of your racing suspension, the type however should not come into question. It contains all the qualities needed to enhance and maximize your vehicles performance; it sacrifices the inhibiting aspects of conventional cars such as comfort or economy and replaces them with efficiency and better handling.
Based in Canada, we see our country as the unofficial home of racing (although we may be a little biased!), with a wealth of experience accumulated over many years in the business, when it comes to motoring it pays to use the professionals.