If you’re a fan of the Ferrari luxury sports cars then be the first to know; we took a peek into Ferrari’s itinerary and discovered that there is a beast they are working to unleash in 2019 – Anew drive train with a hybrid V8 engine.

The Ferrari car company has come a long way into the future, their road cars are a symbol of luxury, wealth, speed and quality, this Italian luxury sports car maker is based in Maranello and was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939. The first Ferrari car was manufactured in 1940, however, the world recognizes Ferrari as an auto-manufacturer in the year 1947 because they had completed their first Ferrari-badged car. The first racing car, the Ferrari 312T2 Formula one driven car was built in 1940 but did not have the popular Ferrari-badge. Since then, they have successfully added a long list of cars into their portfolio, few of them were road cars with the extremely stylish touch of the Ferrari brand, but Enzo Ferrari concentrated more on sports cars. They built a good number of sports cars and their first super car, the Ferrari 288GTO, in the year 1984 and the latest supercar, the Ferrari 488 Pista, was revealed at the International Motor show in March 2018. They have also manufactured some Bio-fuel and hybrid cars, the F430 Spider which runs on ethanol and the HY-KERS concept.

The Ferrari cars reel in billions of dollars yearly, ranks as one of the most expensive cars and are constant winners in motor sports. During the advent of the world sports car championship, they had won the title seven out of the first nine years of its emergence.

This latest drive train to be released next year is likely to be a plug-in and the prototypes are currently being tested. There are also rumours that the upcoming car will likely be more basic to the drive train than the V12 LaFerrari’s KERS hybrid tech. and its engine will have an ultra-performance. The project is greatly anticipated with bated breath in the automobile markets.

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