Americas Answer to the Luxury Sport Sedan.

Cadillac the leader in north american powerhouse luxury sedans a solid competitor that has a big enough interest to challenge the very best that Europe and Asia have to give you, purchasers within the luxury performance market should not need a lot more need to think about a new Cadillac ATS-V or Carpal tunnel syndrome-V. But to create its quickest models that rather more enticing, Cadillac is moving the new Very Whitened Frost models the thing is here.

On the any of the ATS models or V-power sedans the brand new Frost Edition models has some feature unique like the matte fresh paint. Additionally they get special bigger wheels and also the Carbon Fibre and Luxury packages are all a standard option. Other equipment like Recaro luxury bucket seats sueded trimmed control surfaces can also be found, among other available choices.

GM’s luxury car division is only going to make around a 100 of these models So if you wish to get hold of one, you might want to act really quick and take a visit to your GM dealer as they are the muts nuts of forced-induction raw american performance machines. We have heard that Prices are looknig to start around the 75k mark. For any full rundown from the equipment and anymore information header over to the GM website below and take a peak.

General Motors

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