Shelley Rally has been hard in development the last couple of months, our team Mike and Chris have been dominating the Jr. Rally series. Talk about Swedish driver development? Anyways the has been really pushing the limits with the car. Last week we dominated the super modified class in our time attack car. Be sure to check out some of the pictures below, despite our push off the track in the stage 3 we were able to get the car repaired and back on the road for the next day.

As per usual we need to thanks our sponsors as they are the true hero’s behind our builds. Revwerks Wheels has been great in providing us with a wicked set of Enkei RPF1 Wheels check the link to see where they are available for purchase. Along side we also need to thank Pirelli for offering us complimentary R-Compounds, ACT clutch for putting the power down to the ground. Im sure we are missing a couple other big names, we will be sure to list them in our sponsor page.

To give an overview of the event  her are our highlights. Torn came into the event super hot and gave it a great run for his money in the race. The overall winner of the race was done in exactly 9.9sec in a Ford Fiesta R2. It was a big day, triumphant win for Ford. Torn also was able to drum in a 12.7sec lead for the sundays circuit into Sunday’s short finale round.

Be sure to check out the video below of some of the highlights and all that went on at the event! Im sure you will enjoy it.